Why learn an instrument?

Learning an instrument can help give your child more life skills, from being able to increase co-ordination skills, to showing a new means of self creativity and expression.

Playing an instrument is definitely a skill, from drawing an amazing flower, to scoring a fabulous goal playing football, to learning a new language.

You can watch as your child becomes more confident through learning an instrument, striding to overcome new challenges, and seeing their face full of confidence and lighting up when they perform a new piece for the first time.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching your child perform for you, a grandparent, or a friend.

Did someone say music is a language? What do all these black lines and dots mean?

Well, learning to read music is just like learning a new language. Here at Mini Maestro we believe that learning to read music can be fun, and exciting. We have numerous methods to help our students. We can even give aids to help Mum and Dad practice with their child. The best thing about reading music is once you can read it, you can play almost anything you want to, from your favourite pop song, to a nursery rhyme.

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